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Building a career in non-institutional EU Brussels

This half day training is an interactive, practical workshop that provides participants with handholds which they can use to actually find a job in the Europen industry, companies, consultants, and NGOs that work from Brussels.


Brussels hosts more than 100.000 persons working in EU affairs. Only 50% of the jobs are to be found in the EU institutions. The other 50.000 EU actors work at industry federations, consultancies, media, corporate organisations, non-profit organizations, think tanks, region- and city representations. The objective of these entities is to advocate and communicate their views or the views of their members as stakeholders in EU affairs – and they need employees to accomplish this, providing a world of opportunities.


As Europe's capital, Brussels has an a-typical and specific job-market. It hosts sectorial, national, regional, and international stakeholders that, together with the EU Institutions, make up the so called “Community of EU actors”. Statistics show that 5.000 jobs from all levels (start- mid- and high level), are available every year, due to the dynamics of the Brussels EU job market.


“Finding a job in EU Affairs in Brussels”

3rd December 2011


The aim of this one day training was to give to the twenty participants knowledge, not based on theories, but on practical advice from people who have experience working in non-institutional Brussels.


Overview of the agenda

10:00 - 13:00 Explaining the “market” by Dr. Dan LUCA (DL International): a detailed presentation on the EU job market in Brussels. The speaker, who has worked over 15 years in Brussels, explained each sector and all the stakeholders involved. This gives a complete overview of the relevant sector, such as corporations, associations, NGOs, regions, think-tanks, and consultancies.


14:00 - 17:00 How to get the job you want by Anneli PROHASKA (JAPAGO – Recruitment & HR Consulting): the presentation was given by a HR manager who has worked for different companies/NGOs/associations in Brussels. Tips and tricks on how to improve the CV, motivation letter and presentation during an interview where the main points of the lecture.




Ukrainian, 35 years, expericence in Consultancy EU Affairs

Belgian, 43 years, experience in EU Projects / Technical Assistance

German, 58 years, experience in Conference Organisation

Italian, 26 years, experience in Office management

German, 47 years, experience in EU Federations

Italian, 46 years, experience as Secretary / Academic

Belgian, 59 years, experience as Administrative Assistant

Italian, 31 years, holder of MBA

Azerbaijani, 35 years, currently working as journalist in NL

Austrian & Dutch, 40 years, holder of PhD, working on International projects

Italian, 27 years, experience in Network NGO

Polish, 31 years, working as MEP Assistant

Italian & Colombian, 32 years, working at UN / International Projects

Belgian, 35 years, experience in Consulting engineering

Italian, 41 years, experience as Trade Analyst

Romanian, 33 years, experience as Political adviser

Bulgarian, 26 years, experience as EU Affairs expert

Belgian, 45 years, has worked 7 years in Japan

Romanian, 24 years, working as Junior EU affairs expert

Romanian, 25 years, BusinessSchool experience


In order to evaluate our training day, we asked the participants to express their opinion. Below you can find an overview of the results:

1. Relevance of the topic












2. Relevance of the contributors















3. Quality of the presentations















4. I would probably attend another meeting on a relevant topic















Venue of the training


Boulevard Charlemagne nr. 50 / 1000 Brussels

(Metro station Schuman)



"the teaching style is very direct and gives you practical insights"


- Alexandra, Brussels